Panthers Capital is a locally based and rapidly evolving direct lending firm. We assist small and moderate sized businesses and quickly obtain working capital for their various needs.  These needs range from help opening up a new location, assistance in purchasing new equipment, or simply obtaining funds to bolster their day-to-day activities.  Our clients have generally been turned down by their banks for these needed funds, and are rapidly running out of options.


The way we work is vastly different than how you may have obtained funding from your bank in the past.  A perfect credit score or history is not required to gain funding, and zero collateral is requested.  We will also set up a repayment plan tailored to you specifically, making the payments not only flexible but also affordable.
The most important reason why people have chosen us at Panthers Capital in the past is simply because businesses are more likely to get approved for cash advance. We excel in this area.  After all, it’s our reason for existing.  And we handle each and every request as if it were a personal one.


As mentioned above, good credit is not a requirement for receiving funding from us.  We sympathize with those who have struggled with their business in the past, and are looking to get back on the right track.  This way of doing business also expedites the entire process.  The less materials we need from you regarding your business past the better.  We believe in focusing on your future as a successful and marketable business, as opposed to obsessing over every detail of your past.


You may have began your business with a wide eyed and optimistic mentality, not considering the sheer amount of money needed to successfully run and maintain one.  The figures can be quite daunting.  So to put you at ease, our cash advance cap amount is $1,000,000 unsecured.  Clearly this is more than enough funding to get you back on your feet and rolling again.


Our application process is simple, easy, and most importantly: non-committal.  You can opt-out at any time during the opening stages of our process.  If you’re simply doing this for piece of mind, only interested in seeing IF you qualify for a potential future cash advances, we will guide you through and get you a solid answer within a matter of days.